Sept.12, 2013 at Applebee's






Sept. 12, 2013  at  Applebee's


We had a good turnout of 9.  Two from out of state. 

 Ivy Eubanks from Phoenix, Arizonia 1,452 miles and Ivy's daughter Kim

   and Phyllis Halverson from Mound City, Kansas 325 miles and Phyllis' daughters Chris and Kim. 



1. Kay Borgerson

2. Ivy Eubanks

3. Ivy's daughter Chris

4. Ivy's daughter Kim

5. Phyllis Halverson

6. Phyllis' daughter Kim

7. Lorraine Howard

8. Ed Schultz

9. Jeanice Wirstlin






Lorraine Howard, Ivy Eubanks, Kay Borgerson, Ed Schultz, Jeanice Wirstlin and Phyllis Halverson





Ivy Eubanks







Phyllis Halverson