Marshalltown Strong Campaign


"Marshalltown Strong"


Below is a sample of the tornado damage to Marshalltown

Action Auto on 18th Avenue

(Hesmer's, Ken, Sarah and David)









Another of the many, many, homes 

(badly damaged) or destroyed in Marshalltown











Home destroyed across the street (North)

of the 3rd Avenue Casey's












Dozens of homes like this in Marshalltown












Looking up 2nd Avenue toward the Tallcorn











The old "Iowa Wholesale building"

  now an apartment house.









House on North 3rd avenue

across the street from the 3rd ave. Casey's






1958 MHS graduate Marcia Davenport (Ziel)

She graduated with my sister. 

It was a nice brick home.


Marcia's home before and after the tornado








Auction house on 18th avenue

across the street from Action Auto











Hundreds of trees just like this in a 4 mile path

from West 22nd Street to East 22nd Avenue

(the East end of  "Isle of Green" greenhouses)










Fitness Center, on North Center street,

just North of the old Library








The old Stegman Hardware on North 1st Ave.

Where Howard Stegman taught me how

to shoot a bow and arrow









From North Center street looking

toward the Tallcorn








The office building on the corner of

North 1st street and State street









Cline Photography, just 

East of Center and State streets










The Colosseum,

where we played all of our basketball games










The top of the Courthouse






Water coming out of the Courthouse

from a 2 inch water pipe

(8,000 gallons per hour)






The top of the Courthouse

They are going to build a new one







The Racom building








The Racom building closeup





Lennox   (lots of damage,

but they are going to rebuild)





The new Heart Clinic on State street







Asian grocery store across the street

from the old Library (destroyed)








The Isle of Green greenhouse






The Isle of Green office building








Many streets were blocked

with roofs and trees







Tree limb through the roof on this house








Many houses like this







Looks like a total loss






A common site along the Veteran Home

on Summit street









Center and Main streets

September 1, 2018














The South end of the old Iowa Wholesale building (now an apartment building).














On East State street between 2nd and 3rd Ave.













North 3rd Avenue, just North of State street